Gravity MA DRINK M

Referência: ZX-072894

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This drink holder features a unique screw clamp that is adjustable for vertical or horizontal mounting options. It fits on mic stands, speaker stands and music stands with tubing diameters up to 35 mm as well as table tops and securely holds bottles, cans, cups and glasses with a maximum diameter of 70 mm.

Tipo de productoAccesorios para soportes y trípodes
TipoSoporte para bebidas
MaterialAcero, Plástico
Adecuado para un diámetro de tubohasta 35 mm
Diámetro interior70 mm
Ancho87 mm
Altura102 mm
Anillos intercambiables1 x 15 mm
Juego de anillos negros incluido
Peso0,16 kg

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